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SV Studio was founded by the professional photographer Simon Varterian. His love to photography and his strong devotion for creating modern and different professional photography; as well as his long working experience in France, helped him to introduce an exceptional vision of professional photography to the Bulgarian market.

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сватбен фотограф
сватбен фотограф
сватбен фотограф

SV Studio – Creative Wedding Photography

The wedding and professional photographer Simon Varterian creates his own style in the wedding photography, by showing its different side and avoiding wedding clich?s. This shows his different approach compared to the common photography practices in Bulgaria. Most of the photos of SV Studio are made with scenery unusual for a wedding, which is a typical feature in a newly introduced style of the wedding photographer Simon Varterian. As a wedding photographer he directs the photoshoots in a way that will uniquely show the individualities of the newlyweds. His vast portfolio includes work with celebrities, and shows his professional experiences in shooting for magazine covers, fashion brands and his personal projects. The company has its own studio with latest high class professional equipment, which gives them the opportunity to create world class photoshoots. SV Studio has a team trained by Simon Varterian which provides the opportunity for more newlyweds to have “The different photography“ experience. Our highly skilled team professionally retouches all shots and creates unique photo books which complete the high end look of our work. To sum up this is SV Studio, because “The photographer is an artist, who paints with the reach colour pallet of light.”

Simon Varterian – Professional Photographer
SV Studio – Creative Photography

Creative Wedding Photographer / Creative Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographer / Professional Photographer / Fashion Photographer / Professional Photo shoot

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